Posted on June 9, 2014

As you may know installing stretch shapes in your house of worship is a relatively simple process and provide a great visual aesthetic but a designer from Ohio took our stretch shapes to the next level with spray paint. Learn about how Laura created a unique church stage design utilizing our spandex shapes and spray paint!

Spandex Shapes Spray Paint Project:

This is my New Life Church of the Nazarene stage set project in Mount Vernon, OH.

Sorry about the poor quality of the pics, they are from my iPhone.

My original design had to be altered slightly after the disastrous first panel attempt.  The fabric did not accept hand-painted ink well since some soaked through and some remained on the surface which creating a horrible look when the light passed through.  Back to the drawing board!

Once I went with Plan B, spray paint and stencils, the process went very smoothly, and I think I am even more pleased with the results.

I work at Mount Vernon Nazarene University and my office is located next to our Buchwald School of Art.  Since it’s summer, I was able to use one of the large studio spaces.

My intension with the organic design was to bring some of God’s creation into what is otherwise a very industrial worship space.

For visual interest, I alternated the tension and length of the bungees, as well as slightly pivoting some of the screens, in order give each its own unique irregular shape.

The stage area is 12 ½ feet from floor to ceiling, so the 10 foot high panels were just the perfect size.  We used toggle hooks in the drywall ceiling, and plain threaded hooks in the wooden floor.

Thanks again for your great service Josh, and for giving me the designers discount!  It was a pleasure working with you, and I’ve passed on your website to someone from another church who asked where I got them!

God Bless.


Additional Photos: