Printed Stage Backdrops

Have a look at the photos to see the extent of what our backdrops can do. They’ll take your stage from boring and uninspired to extraordinary! Simply give us your size and graphic specifications, and we’ll custom print your backdrop using our state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing. Unlike other types of printing, dye sub printing infuses the fabric with pigment using extremely high heat. This gives you’r graphics the crispest, clearest results that will be sure to wow your audience.

FAQ about our printed stage backdrops.

How Much is this going to cost?
Prices for our dye sub printed backdrops can cost as little as $5.00 per square foot and vary depending on the material type, size, and application. Contact us and we will recommend the correct custom printed backdrop for your application.

What fabrics do you use?
We use many different fabrics depending on your stage design. They range from very stretchy materials (scrims) that are easy to light to more rigid and thicker fabrics that do not let light shine through them.

How is the fabric finished?
Stage backdrops can be finished with HD rigging loops, velcro straps, pole pockets or other custom rigging solutions.
We print and sew all of our products in house.

How BIG of a backdrop can you make?
Our printer can print 10′ tall by and unlimited width. What if I need a backdrop taller than 10′? No problem we have seamed backdrops together as tall as 50 ft. Many of the photos in our gallery have seams and are not noticeable to the crowd.

How long does it take to get my backdrop? 
Smaller backdrops can ship within 3 business days and larger backdrops can take up to 7 days.

Who are custom printed stage backdrops for?
We print grand format stage backdrops for churches, professional sports, live events, concerts, and corporate meeting.

What format does my artwork need to be in?
Since we will be enlarging your artwork we prefer vector file formats .ai .eps .svg or .pdf.

Can I wash my printed backdrop?
All of our printed products are permanently dyed and can be machine washed. Our printed products are also NFPA 701 Flame retardant and some are even IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant)

Custom Order

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Our Work

Click on one of the thumbnails below to see some examples of our printed stage backdrops.