20×12 Ft Stretch Projection Screen


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When completely stretched, this mammoth screen is 20-by-12-feet and has an ultimate viewing area of approximately 190 inches-by-118-inches with a diagonal of 223 inches. It’s the ideal screen for sharply displaying feature films, concert videos, images, logos, or any other type of lighting design or video.

All of our projection screens are heavy-weight, wrinkle-free fabric, and seamless. This projection screen features 24 anchor points. Use all of them or just certain rigs for a unique and customized look. The 20-by-12-foot projection screen can be used outdoors and indoors and with front HD or rear projection.

Need a special size? We’d be glad to create a custom projection screen in any dimensions you need!

This rectangular-shaped 20-by-12-foot projection screen is made of flame retardant material that meets the National Fire Protection Association Standard 701 fire retardant safety requirements. This means it is completely safe to use the screen at any type of event!

Stretchy Screens uses only the best-quality fabric, and all projects are created right here in the U.S.A. by skilled seamstresses. All of the 24 anchor points are grommet-free for easy, no-fuss mounting. Border edges are hand-sewn with finished 1-inch borders. 24 bungee cords are included with the screen.

It’s simple to set up our Stretchy Screens’ 20-by-12-foot projection screen. The screen has 24 heavy-duty anchor points and comes with 24 corresponding bungee cords for easy setup. Please remember that this screen doesn’t come with its own framing or trussing system. We do, however, sell framing and trussing systems to complete your setup.

Each bungee loop is 10 inches in length from hook to end of loop. Once you have your frame set up, you can use 1 bungee per rigging point to create a strong and secure connection between the screen and your frame (truss, pipe & drape, or other rigging).

When using this screen with rear projection, you’ll need a 3,000-lumen projector or higher. Your projector should also be able to mirror the image so that rear projection will function properly.

When dismantling, the spandex material will bounce back to its original shape. The screen is machine washable. Tumble dry on low. When necessary, you can also dry-clean the screen. Never bleach or iron your projection screen. For especially harsh stains, use a spot stain remover like OxiClean™. Learn more about caring for your Stretchy Screens’ products.

When dismantling the screen, it will be easy to fold or roll the material. Simply detach the bungees, fold or roll your screen, and store it in our FREE drawstring carry bag.

Our 20-by-12-foot projection screens are generally in stock and ready to ship within 1 to 2 business days. Find out more about our shipping procedures. Need it faster? We can accommodate rush orders as well. Keep in mind that a rush fee of up to 25% may be charged if your item is custom-ordered or not in stock.

Returns may be made on items that you are unhappy within 10 days of receipt. The buyer must pay the cost of shipping. Learn more about our return policy. Our projection screens are warranted for 30 days for manufacturers defects.


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