Bungee Loops With Hooks – 8 Pack


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Need extra bungees? Most products ship with bungees included however you can order or bungee loops in packs of 8.Stretchy Screens’ bungees are perfect for attaching our projection screens and stretch shapes to a trussing and framing system. Each bungee is ¼-inch in diameter and features a hook. One bungee is 10 inches in length from hook to end of loop. This purchase will include 8 bungees.

Stretchy Screens is an American company, and we are proud to manufacture all of our products right here in the U.S.A. Our bungees are no exception! These are heavy-duty bungee cords with strong hooks equipped to withstand the pressure of your stretched screen at each rigging point.

Taking down your projection screen or stretch shape is simply as well. Simply unhook each hook, and unwrap the bungee from your framing system. Then, if you opt for our trussing carry bag or drawstring carry bag, simply pop them inside and you’re set to go!

Bungees are used to connect our stretch projection screens and stretch shapes with our trussing and framing systems. One bungee cord will correspond to each rigging point on your projection screen or stretch shape.

Setup with our bungees is easy. To make a secure connection between frame and screen, simply wrap one bungee around the appropriate point on the framing system, and use the hook to attach it to the corresponding rigging point on your screen.

Our bungees are generally in stock and ready to ship within 1 to 2 business days. Learn more about our shipping and return policies.


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