Stretch Table Cover


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Stretches to Perfection

Trade shows, corporate events, dinners, or weddings – events like these require complete attention to detail when it comes to aesthetics. You can find a number of options for table covers with logos, but they aren’t as flexible and practical as our 3-Sided Custom Stretch Table Covers.

Get the Best Cost and Quality Benefit

While there are a number of benefits of Stretch Table Covers can offer on their own, we add a few more with great quality service. Buying your cover from us, you get a convenient option to instantly order online. Specify the size, color and other requirements, and we will create a customized three sided stretch cover for you. If desired, you can also add your company’s logo or any other graphic you deem appropriate according to the event.

If you wish to know more about the three sided stretchable covers for the table, contact us and our experts will be more than happy to guide you.

A Flawless and Functional Cover

The first reason to get stretch table covers with logos is that they can easily hide the flaws and fit perfectly over the table even if there is a slight difference in measurement. They also offer all the functional benefits of a three sided cover. It is best when one or more personnel or representatives are to sit at one side of the table. Most tradeshow tables have compartments to place items underneath and a three sided cover gives easier access to the person sitting at the fourth side i.e. your representative at the tradeshow or convention.

Another great thing about these covers is that they eliminate the need for clips and pins to set them and hold them in place. The stretch fabric and the stitching style make it easier to keep them from moving. You get the benefit of 3-Sided Custom Stretch Table Covers made from the highest quality wrinkle free linen that is bound to look gorgeous throughout the day.

You can rely on us for the quality of material and stitching. The table covers with logos we offer come with pockets to efficiently hide the legs of the folding tables, giving it a cleaner and neater appearance.

Product ships within 7 business days of approved artwork.

There are no returns on custom printed table covers.


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