Circle projection screens and circle shapes are simple to frame and create a unique scenic stage design affect. You can choose to upligh them with LED lights or use rear or front projection to project visuals, lyrics and videos. There are a couple ways to frame circle screens. One way is to purcahse our premade tentpole kits that correspond with the circles diameter up to 12 ft wide. Another way to frame circle projection screens is with circular box truss. We now offer an option to place rigging points every 1.5 ft around the perimeter of the circle which you can zip tie to any circular truss system. Another common frame is PVC. Many of our DIY users choose to use PVC as a framing option for our circle projection screens. Make sure to choose a pocket finish when purchasing for the PVC sleeves to slide into. If you ever have any questions about our Stretch Shapes or Stretch Screens. Feel free to contact us.