Pole Sleeve (Pole Covers)

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Dress up your speaker or lighting stands with Stretchy Screens’ “scrunched-look” pole sleeves!

These sleeves are made to look like a “scrunchy,” and they’re extremely useful at hiding cables, cords, knobs, and more. They’re also ideal for giving your setup a more professional look by hiding scratched, dented, or chrome-plated poles.

If you prefer something that fits tightly over your upright poles, check out these pipe & drape sleeves or let us custom make sleeves to meet your needs.

Stretchy Screens’ scrunchy pole sleeves are made of our high-quality spandex material and available in black or white. Each sleeve is sold individually. Choose from 3 different sizes:

  • 3-foot sleeves stretch from 3 to 5 feet
  • 7-foot sleeves stretch from 7 to 10 feet
  • 10-foot sleeves stretch from 10 to 12 feet

These pole sleeves especially complement our tripod stand covers (sold separately).

Stretchy Screens’ scrunchy pole sleeves are made in the U.S.A. by skilled sewers. Our scrunched look pole sleeves are meant to have a gathered look to help hide knobs and cords found on speaker and lighting stands.


Assembly of our pole sleeves is simple. Just slip the sleeve over the pole along with any cabling you’d like to hide. Attached Velcro straps on the top and bottom of each sleeve securely fastens the sleeve into place. When the pole sleeve is not fully extended, it simply gathers at the bottom of the pole.

The sleeves tear down easily as well, or you may choose to leave them on your poles during storage.

Stretchy Screens spandex fabric is largely resistant to staining, but for cleaning purposes, you can simply throw your sleeves in the washing machine. Tumble dry on low. When needed, you can also dry-clean them. Never bleach or iron the spandex fabric. For harsh stains, use a spot stain remover such as OxiClean™. See our product care and maintenance guide to learn more about keeping your tension fabric product in great shape.

After taking off your pole sleeves, they will easily fold or roll for simple storage in our optional drawstring carry bag.


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