Truss Covers – 12×12 Box Truss – Pull Over – Sold Per Foot

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Stretchy Screens’ 12-by-12-inch box truss covers perfectly fit any length of trussing you aim to cover in either white or black. White is especially fitting for use with LED lighting. If you need your event to really stand out, we also offer custom-printed 12-by-12-inch trussing.

Built to withstand putting-on and taking-off many times over, our truss covers feature top-quality, 6-ounce fabric that’s wrinkle-free! Check out our gallery to see examples of what these covers can do to pull together your event.

If you can’t find the exact length of truss cover that you’re looking for, contact us.

Note: Custom cut truss covers ship within 2-3 business days. We now stock 10′ truss covers in both black and white. Truss covers can also be rush ordered on short notice.

Stretchy Screens’ 12-by-12-inch black and white truss covers are made by skilled seamstresses in the U.S.A. Each truss cover is made of heavy-duty, wrinkle-free material.

All stretch truss covers are comprised of a nylon spandex material offering superior stretch and durability to sharp metal objects founds on most stage truss. This makes Stretchy Screens’ truss covers perfect for stage rental companies, churches, AV companies, and more.

Using our 12-by-12-inch black and white truss covers is a breeze. Simply slip the cover over your truss like a sock. Our fabric is wrinkle-free, and the strategic stretch of the material will keep your cover in place indefinitely. When you slip off your 12-by-12-inch truss covers for take-down, the material will immediately bounce back to its original shape. Hook and loop options are also available upon request. Then, simply roll it up and pop it into our optional drawstring carry bag.

Stretchy Screens’ 12-by-12-inch black and white truss covers are largely resistant to staining, but when they need to be cleaned, simply throw them in the washing machine. Tumble dry on low. When needed, you can even dry-clean these covers. Never bleach or iron the spandex fabric. For bad stains, use a spot stain remover such as OxiClean™. See our product care and maintenance guide to learn more about keeping your tension fabric product in great shape.

Need it fast? We now stock 10-foot long truss covers in both black and white for faster shipping turnaround! For all other lengths please allow for a 2-3 day lead time for processing custom cut truss covers or contact us prior to checkout to expedite your order. You can also learn about our rush order process, but keep in mind a rush fee of up to 25% may be charged for items that aren’t in stock or for custom orders.

Returns may be made on items that you are unhappy with within 10 days of receipt. The buyer must pay the cost of shipping. Please see our return policy for more information.


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